How do KALEOZ protect for sellers?

Create a listing at KALEOZ marketplace without worrying and let KALEOZ handle all essential verification so you can focus on your trading.

In what circumstances sellers are covered by KALEOZ

  • When a buyer is trying to dispute an order, and you as a seller manage to provide a complete set of delivery proof based on our services requirement, the seller will be reimbursed.
  • All listings and account must be in line with our User Agreement

KALEOZ does not cover the following:

  • Unable to provide a complete set of delivery proof in the event of a trade dispute.
  • Any transactions made outside of KALEOZ online marketplace.
  • Incomplete order / Non-delivery order
  • Product or services not as described
  • When a seller is trying to scam or intentionally fraud a transaction. KALEOZ reserve the right to permanently suspend the seller account and any available sales withdrawal will be canceled.

Please note that this is not a product/services warranty.