Where is my Mirage: Perfect Skyline User ID?

About Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a new MMORPG with gods and demons-based theme, offering a variety of well-designed team events. No longer do you have to face the world alone! Whether to become a demon or a god… The choice is in your hands… Top up your Jades in KALEOZ with the lowest and most reasonable price. Customers only need to provide the User ID, Server, and Character Name.

How to check Mirage: Perfect Skyline User ID?

Step 1. Log in to the game.

Step 2. Click on the avatar in the top left corner of the main screen and choose the user option.

Step 3. Your Mirage: Perfect Skyline User ID will be displayed.

Follow the simple steps guide picture below: