How do I manually request a refund for an order I already paid for?

We understand that there may be instances where you need to request a refund for a paid order on the KALEOZ platform. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to manually request a refund. It's important to note that manual refund requests can only be initiated after ONE hour of payment.

Here's how you can manually request a refund:

1. Hover your mouse over your KALEOZ account name to access the user panel.

2. Click on "My Orders" from the dropdown menu. [click here to access "My Orders" page quickly]

3. Locate the Order ID (KXXXXXX) corresponding to the order you wish to refund.

4. Click on the Order ID to open the order details page.

5. Look for the "Request Refund" button and click on it.

6. After submitting the refund request, the refund will not be processed immediately. The seller has up to 6 hours to review the request and either deliver the order or approve the refund. If the seller does not respond or deliver the order within this time frame, the system will automatically cancel the order. The refunded amount will be returned to your KALEOZ account balance.

Note: You can only initiate a manual refund request once for each order. If you cancel the refund request, you will not be able to initiate a new refund request for the same order. However, if the order has not been delivered after 72 hours (3 days), the system will still automatically process a refund.