Duplicate Listings Policy

Sellers should always create only one listing for each product which provides accurate and clear attribute information about their products, so that customers can easily find and compare products and, ultimately, make informed purchases. To ensure our customers have a great shopping experience, KALEOZ will take action against sellers who violate our duplicate listings policy.

What does the duplication policy cover?

  • Listing the same product under multiple stores, managed by the same seller.
  • Willful Product Duplication is defined as a seller observed to have engaged in activities to duplicate or spam product listings intentionally.
Policy Violation Details Possible Consequences
Duplication of Product
  • Creating multiple listings for varying purchase quantity and minor differences to the product details such as title, price, product description, denomination etc.
  • Creating multiple listings for the same item under the same or different categories.
Warning + Product removed
Willfull Duplication of Product Listings
  • Listing the same product under multiple stores, managed by the same seller.
  • Engaging in duplication activities or actions that caused a negative impact on customers or other sellers on the platform.
Some examples include (but not limited to):
  1. Listing huge volume of duplicated products in order to increase the visibility of your product.
  2. Duplication activities result in unfair competition between sellers.
Account termination

What happens if I create spam listings?

Listings detected as spam will be deleted, and the seller account may be permanently suspended.