Game Account Selling Policy


Want to sell game accounts for real money? Here is your chance! You can sell your game accounts on KALEOZ safely and efficiently. However, you need to comply with the following Rules & Regulations for selling game accounts.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The source of the listed game account must be legal, and the seller must be the owner of the account and have full original access rights.
  2. The seller must fully transfer the ownership of account access to the buyer when delivering the account. Account registration and login information must be changed to the buyer's details and provide the original registration information. Therefore, the buyer can contact the game publisher and use the original account information to solve the account issue.
  3. The seller must upload the delivery proof (screenshot of game account information- login email, password, etc.) immediately in the order log message or Kaleoz live chat system (Kchat) after the seller passes the details to the buyer.
  4. All communications and correspondences must go through using Order Log messaging and Kaleoz live chat system (Kchat). Seller shall not provide buyer with personal contact information or off-site quotations.
  5. Each game account order will be charged a 10% sales fee (not including 6% SST). The remaining income will be directly credited to the seller's Kaleoz account.
  6. Suppose a seller violates the rules or any usage regulations. In that case, KALEOZ reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including but not limited to freezing account balance, permanent removal of selling permission, and account suspension.