I delivered the order to the buyer but the buyer insists that they did not receive the item(s). What can I do?

Encountering a refund request after delivering an order? Here's a comprehensive guide on how to handle the situation:

Step 1: Understand the Situation

Promptly review the details by clicking "Order Detail". Utilize KChat for effective communication with the customer, seeking to comprehend the reason behind their refund request.

Step 2: Decline the Refund

If you decide not to approve the refund, take action within 24 hours. Navigate to the "Refuse Refund" option on the Order Details page and provide a clear and concise reason for your decision.

Step 3: Service Dispute Resolution

Even after your refusal, the buyer can apply for a service dispute resolution within 72 hours, triggering a thorough investigation. If the buyer fails to respond, Kaleoz will consider the refund request waived, and the order amount will be automatically credited to your account.

Step 4: Notification of Dispute

If the buyer escalates the refund request to a dispute, you will receive a notification. Stay vigilant and informed to effectively manage the situation.

Step 5: Provide Evidence

On the Order Details page, click "Post Comment" to upload screenshots as evidence in the Order Log. If you have video evidence as proof of delivered, feel free to email it to [email protected] for additional support. Within the Order Log, you can also view and respond to comments from Kaleoz Service or the customer.

Step 6: Kaleoz Investigation

Rest assured, the KALEOZ team will conduct a comprehensive investigation based on the evidence provided. A fair decision will be made, ensuring a transparent resolution process.

Remember, timely communication and presenting clear evidence play a crucial role in effectively resolving refund disputes.