• Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST)

    Dear valued users, With the implementation of SST in Malaysia effective from 1st September 2018, SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd will impose service tax on all taxable services rendered at KALEOZ.com from 1 January 2020, under the Service Tax Guideline on Information Technology Services dated 9 August 2018. What is Sales Tax? Sales Tax is a single-stage tax charged and levied: On taxable goods manufactured in Malaysia by a taxable person and sold by him (including used or disposed off); and On taxable goods imported into Malaysia What is Service Tax? Service Tax of 6% is a tax charged on: any provision of taxable services; made in the course or furtherance of any business; by a taxable person; and in Malaysia. Does KALEOZ.com charge Sales Tax? SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd is NOT liable to be registered under the Sales Tax Act 2018, hence all Goods sold by KALEOZ.com is not subjected to Sales Tax Does KALEOZ.com charge Service Tax on Marketplace Service fees? SEA Gamer
  • Seller Rules and Regulations

    Seller must deliver within the stipulated delivery speed time using the delivery method stated in the listed item description. Seller must capture screenshot before and after each trade or record video as delivery evidence. The delivery evidence can be shared on the Order Details page at the Order Log section. For video evidence, you may email it to [email protected] with Subject Video Recording of Order KXXXX. All communication and correspondences must go through KALEOZ.com using Order Log messaging and KChat live chat system. Seller must not use KALEOZ to provide offsite and personal offer: All ITEM listing shall not contain any description of the seller’s contact information. NO personal contact shall be given to Buyer in KChat. For the offense of Rules 4.1 and 4.2, Seller will be given one warning ONLY. A second offense will result in immediate account suspension. Seller’s account balance and available balance will be frozen. KALEOZ.com reserves the righ
  • Seller withdrawal fees

    Fund withdrawal fees varies. Refer to the info below: Cut-off time 4pm. Withdrawal request before 4pm will be process for payout next working day. Withdrawal request after 4pm will be process next working day. All time stated is based on GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur time.
  • Seller Level Rating and Sales Fees

    KALEOZ charges small Sales Fees of each item sold by default. These can be reduce by selling more and getting good ratings from buyers. Sales Fees may vary depending on the games/products.
  • How to become a seller on KALEOZ?

    To become a seller, follow the steps below: Step 1. Click on Become a Seller from the menu Step 2. Read the seller identity verification carefully as highlighted in red below. All the information provided must be accurate as you are required to provide proof of identity via your legal ID before cashing out any of your earnings. Step 3. Upload a CLEAR selfie of yourself holding your identity card/passport with all the details on the front (name and residential address) displayed CLEARLY. Note:Picture must be displayed clearly/ Fully Visible Name & Residential Address / Fully Visible Face. Step 4. Fill in the form with your FULL NAME & ADDRESS exactly the same as it is on your ID/passport. Step 5. Click on Submit Seller Verification and then wait for the KALEOZ support to process with your request. Step 6. Within 24 hours, you will receive a notification regarding your application. Get ready to start selling!