How to pay via AXS Kiosk [SGD] in KALEOZ?

What is AXS Kiosk?

AXS Kiosk serves as a versatile and interactive self-service hub, offering a wide array of functions. These encompass bill and fine payments, access to online government e-Services, prepaid top-up options, ticket purchasing, and more. Boasting a network of over 670 AXS Kiosks spread throughout Singapore, operating round the clock, the AXS Station network holds the distinction of being the country's most expansive public broadband transactional terminal network. Moreover, payments can be made conveniently at all Kiosk stations using ATM cards, specific credit cards, and the PayNow platform.

Follow the steps to pay using AXS Kiosk

Step 1: Select the desired product on the KALEOZ platform, and then click on "Pay Now".

Step 2: You will be redirected to the payment checkout page by clicking "Pay Now".

Step 3: On the checkout page, choose "AXS Kiosk" from the Kiosk category under "Offline Payment." Click on "Create Payment" to proceed.

Step 4: The transaction ID and barcode are generated for each order, and they are intended for a single use only during payment. We kindly request you to proceed to the nearest kiosk station and complete the payment using the provided transaction details.

Note: Kindly select Services and choose Razer Merchant Services to proceed.

Step 5: Once the payment had been successfully made via kiosk stations, please keep the receipt for reference purposes. Kindly check your order status in your KALEOZ profile under "My Orders". Do contact KALEOZ Support if the status was still under "waiting payment".