What happens if I have not received my order? Can I ask for a refund?

We understand that receiving your order in a timely manner is important to you. However, there may be situations where the delivery is delayed or you haven't received your order at all. In such cases, KALEOZ offers a comprehensive refund process to address your concerns and ensure your satisfaction. Before requesting a refund, we recommend reaching out to the seller through KChat to remind them to fulfill the order. Communication can often resolve issues and lead to a quicker resolution. If you haven't received your order despite contacting the seller, please refer to the following refund options available to you.

Automatic Cancellation after 72 Hours:
To safeguard your interests, we have implemented an automatic cancellation policy. If, within 72 hours (3 days) of payment, the seller fails to deliver your order, our system will intervene and cancel the transaction. The refunded amount will be credited back to your KALEOZ account balance. Please note that this process occurs automatically, eliminating the need for you to take any further action.

Immediate Refund with Seller Consent:
In situations where you haven't received your order and wish to request an immediate refund, we encourage you to proactively communicate with the seller through KChat. Kindly remind them about the pending delivery order and request a refund if necessary. If the seller agrees and cancels the order, the refund will be promptly processed and credited back to your KALEOZ account balance.

Manual Refund Request:
If one hour has passed since payment, and you still haven't received your order, KALEOZ allows you to manually request a refund. [click here for detailed instructions on the refund request process]. Upon initiating the refund request, if the seller fails to deliver the order or neglects to respond within 6 hours, our system will automatically cancel the order and promptly return the funds to your KALEOZ account.
Note: You can only manually request a refund once for each order. If you cancel the refund request, you will not be able to initiate a new refund request for the same order. However, if the order has not been delivered after 72 hours (3 days), the system will still refund the order automatically.