Why is my KALEOZ account suspended?

These are the most common reasons for account suspension:

  1. Creating multiple accounts
  2. * Each person is only allowed ONE account. Creating more than one will result in the suspension of all your accounts.

    * Sharing of Payment accounts or credit cards with another member.

    * Letting your friends access their accounts on your computer or device.

    * Encourage friends or relatives to create their own accounts rather than let them use yours.

    * Access your account via Cyber Cafe PCs.

  3. Suspicious Activity
  4. * Using VPN, TOR, Game Boosters or proxies when accessing our website.

    * Using disposable email address during registration.

    * Using VOIP phone number during registration.

  5. Submitting fraudulent disputes for delivered orders.
  6. Provide offsite and personal offers to other Kaleoz users.
  7. Violating terms in the User Agreement.

If you wish to restore your suspended account, you may email us at [email protected]