How to find Hyper Front Role ID?

About Hyper Front

Hyper Front (Project M) is a 5v5 hero-based FPS game on mobile by Netease. Intense PvP competition, Employ advanced weapons and command unique hero abilities to create tactical opportunities. Exciting, precise, and realistic battle experience! To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Hyper Front Star Quartz from our list of reputable sellers here at in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

How to buy Hyper Front Star Quartz :

  1. Select the goods of Hyper Front.
  2. Click “PAY NOW” to make a payment.
  3. After payment, notify the seller via Kchat and wait for your item to be delivered.

Check this out on how to find your Hyper Front Role ID :

  1. Launch your Hyper Front mobile game.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top-left corner (Profile Page).
  3. Your Role ID will be displayed.