FAQs: Credit/Debit card payment attempts failed

1. Why is my payment attempts failed? 

Kindly note that our system uses a fraud solution to manage our credit card payments via Stripe. This solution uses AI and machine learning algorithms to determine whether accepting the payment is safe. The payment tends to fail/decline if our system detects a higher risk. 

2. My payment goes through on the first order but is declined for the following order. Why was that?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our system tends to let your first credit/debit card payment get passed it much more easily.  If you managed to pay your first order but failed to make consecutive payments, we would advise you not to try more than 3 times of payment attempts in a short period of time after being rejected. This is to avoid being blocked by the system after a frequently failed payment. 

3. What can I do to increase the chances of payment going through?

Kindly verify your phone number and billing address first. Doing so will raise the chance of your payment passing on to our system. 

4. All of the details were confirmed correct, but payments still failed. What can I do? 

If all your details were correctly entered, and your payment still did not go through, we would highly recommend you contact your bank/card issuer support for further checking. This is because, due to security and privacy purposes, we do not receive any specific details on why your payment was declined. We believe that your bank support could better assist in checking on this matter. The contact details of your bank support should be on the back of the credit/debit card you're using.

5. Error is shown on the bottom of the payment page and what does that mean? 

i) Your card was declined. 
The card has been declined for an unknown reason. The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.
ii) Your card has insufficient funds.
The card has insufficient funds to complete the purchase. The customer should use an alternative payment method.
iii) 3D Authentication failed.
The required information was not successfully entered, kindly try again. If the error remains, kindly contact your credit card issuing bank for additional information.
iv) Your card's security code is incorrect. 
Kindly try again with the correct card's security code and details. 
v) Capture payment failed. 
Kindly follow the guides from [Question 2] and [Question 3] or you may also contact our KALEOZ Support for further assistance. 
vi) Your card does not support this type of purchase. 
Kindly contact card issuer support for further assistance. You may refer to one of our related articles "Payment via Stripe" to check on the reason cards are not supported.