FAQs: What should I do if an order has been placed but selected on the wrong payment option?

1. I clicked on the wrong payment method during checkout, am I able to cancel or change the payment method?
Once you have realized that you selected the wrong payment option, kindly follow three ways below to change the method: 
(a) You can click on the Back button on your tab and return to the payment selection page. 
(b) If it's on a pop-up page payment, kindly close the popup page and select the payment method that you want. 
(c) You may back to your KALEOZ Profile, to "My Orders", then click on the green button "PAY" beside the latest order placement and select a payment method. 
Rest assured your money won't be deducted since you have not successfully completed the transaction.

2. I have paid for my order and realized I chose the wrong method, can I request a refund or cancellation?
Kindly Kchat the seller to request a refund for the order, however, the seller has the right to refuse your refund request and deliver your order.  

3. If the order is refunded, can I request it to be back to my original payment method? 
This depends on the refund option available for your selected payment method. Some payment was not able to proceed back to the original method. Once the order is refunded, the refunded balance will be credited to your KALEOZ account for the next purchase in KALEOZ.

4. How can I check the order status in my KALEOZ? 
You can check your order status by clicking on the "My Orders" in your account profile or you may refer to our guide for better understanding.