How do I track my order status?

Step 1: Go to "My Orders" after logging in to your KALEOZ account.

Step 2: Choose the order status you wish to see.

Step 3: Click the Order ID KXXXXXXX to see more details of the specific order.

Order status might be shown as below:

Waiting Payment - Orders awaiting payment. Unpaid orders will expire after 1 hour if no payment is made.

Waiting Delivery - Orders that have been paid for and awaiting delivery from the seller.

Waiting Confirmation - Orders that have been delivered by the seller and awaiting confirmation from the buyer.

Refunding - Orders that have been canceled. Any payments made are returned to your KALEOZ balance.

Deleted - Orders that have been deleted by the user.

Expired - Unpaid orders that have expired after the 1-hour period.