• How do KALEOZ protect for buyers

    In what circumstances KALEOZ will cover a buyer's purchase: The buyer didn't receive their order such as products/services as ordered. The buyer received a product/service that is significantly different from its description. How to get a Refund? All sales are final, and refund request will not be entertained unless any of the above circumstances occur. The buyer shall report the same to KALEOZ within 72 hours upon delivery of the products/services. Upon investigation by KALEOZ, decision of which shall be conclusive and final, a refund may be processed if the report made is valid and true. The refund shall be made to the buyer within 14 working days depending on the type of payment method you use. KALEOZ does not cover the following: Buyers have validated and confirmed the receipt of the order. Buyer's remorse. Any transactions made outside of KALEOZ online marketplace. Any changes/update by the Official Game Developer or Game Publisher after delivery is successfully carried o
  • How do KALEOZ protect for sellers

    Create a listing at KALEOZ marketplace without worrying and let KALEOZ handle all essential verification so you can focus on your trading. In what circumstances sellers are covered by KALEOZ When a buyer is trying to dispute an order, and you as a seller manage to provide a complete set of delivery proof based on our services requirement, the seller will be reimbursed. All listings and account must be in line with our User Agreement KALEOZ does not cover the following: Unable to provide a complete set of delivery proof in the event of a trade dispute. Any transactions made outside of KALEOZ online marketplace. Incomplete order / Non-delivery order Product or services not as described When a seller is trying to scam or intentionally fraud a transaction. KALEOZ reserve the right to permanently suspend the seller account and any available sales withdrawal will be canceled. Please note that this is not a product/services warranty.
  • Why do I need to provide documents for verification?

    Online fraud/scams, credit card theft and unauthorized access to payment accounts such as Credit Cards and Skrill are common nowadays due to users' lack of security sense. Documents are one effective way to identify and verify the payment is made by the user. This acts as a protection for the user as well as SEAGM & KALEOZ.
  • Do NOT DISCLOSE bank transfer information to 3rd party.

    Important information:Customers SHOULD NOT disclose bank transfer payment information to any persons or 3rd party except our Kaleoz Support via Kchat and phone calls to the phone numbers listed on the SEAGM website.This will be a critical issue:Disclosing your bank transfer payment information to 3rd party persons may result in your payment being claimed and used by them.KALEOZ verifies bank transfer payment with the bank transfer information given from buyers.Important Note:We WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any monetary loss should your Internet Banking Transfer/ATM Transfer/Cash Deposit Machine information be given to another person before giving it to our Kaleoz Support.
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