5 Tips for KALEOZ sellers

1. Prioritize customer satisfaction

- Fast delivery

The current customer trends expect fast delivery, which means you need to complete orders in the shortest time possible. If you need to rest for a while or take an extended break, you should enable the Close Store feature. This prevents customers from placing orders during your down time and being disappointed by slow delivery times.

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- Friendly replies to buyer queries and requests

Providing customers with great customer service can relate to customers and make first-time buyers become loyal customers. Happy customers buy more, and they are often more willing to spend more money than other customers. The better your customer service, the more likely your customers' price sensitivity will decrease.

2. Actively manage your customer feedback

- Proactively contact customers to leave positive reviews

Don’t passively wait for customers to review, you should instead go to them. After the product is delivered, you can send a message to satisfied customers through Kchat, and ask them to leave a good comment.

- Report unfair or abusive reviews

If you feel that the negative review is unfair or raised by a competitor, you can report it to KALEOZ for investigation.

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- Publicly reply to ALL negative reviews

You should reply to all negative comments publicly to show potential buyers both sides of the story. Respond politely and diplomatically and start with an apology, and try not to be emotionally affected.

3. Optimize and manage your product listing

- Make your title clear, accurate, and professional

Your product title plays an essential role in determining whether someone clicks on your listing. The right product title can bring valuable potential customers to your listings and help customers find your product through related searches.

- Keep your price & stock up-to-date

If you're not proactively managing your products' price and stock, this may result in order cancellation and loss of customer trust. Therefore, you should regularly update your prices and inventory to ensure that all orders can be completed on time.

4. Set a competitive price

- Look at the market

It would help if you found out what your customers are looking for, what your competitors offer, and how much they charge. That gives you a framework for understanding the range of different prices and products on offer and where you fit in.

- Revisit your prices regularly

You should adjust your prices to keep up with the market because your costs, customers, and competitors will change. You need to pay close attention to what is happening and talk to your customers regularly to ensure that your prices remain optimal.

5. Promote your KALEOZ store

- Post on social media

You can use your social media to spread and promote your KALEOZ store to maximize your opportunities of interacting with potential customers, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.