• Kaleoz Gift Card FAQ

    What is Kaleoz Gift Card? KALEOZ Gift Card is an alternative, easy and convenient payment method for selected countries to top up balance with digital code in KALEOZ. However, the countries currently available for KALEOZ Gift Cards including China (CN), United States (US), and Europe (EU). Gamers can top-up their digital code anytime to purchase any product in KALEOZ marketplace. Where can I buy Kaleoz Gift Card? Kindly click HERE. Will Kaleoz Gift Card PIN expire? Yes. KALEOZ Gift Card code is valid for two (2) years from the date of purchase. Be sure to redeem it before it expire. Can I refund the balance that top up from Kaleoz Gift Card? No. The balance is non-refundable & non-transferable. How to redeem KALEOZ Gift Card PIN? Step 1: Go to https://www.kaleoz.com/ucp/account and login to your KALEOZ Account. Step 2:Click 'Top Up Account Balance'. Step 3: Choose KALEOZ Gift Card to top up. Step 4: Key in the KALEOZ Gift Card PIN code and click 'TOP UP' to complete your relo
  • How do I contact a seller?

    You may contact the seller for any inquiry (before making the order) and for order delivery (after making the payment) using the KChat. Buyer can refer to the dialogue box to determine whether seller is online or offline status. Additional info : BLUE dialogue box mean online status , GREY dialogue box mean offline status.
  • How to purchase on KALEOZ?

    1. Choose your game Sign in to KALEOZ or register a SEAGM ID on www.seagm.com. Choose the game you wish to browse by going to the BUY page or searching it directly from the search box. 2. Choose your item Use the filter to choose server, price and etc. Next, click the product title to go into the product page. Enter all the required information about your purchase and click “Add to cart”. 3. Complete checkout Check the items in your shopping cart and then click “Checkout” to make payment. 4. Receive Items Contact the seller via KChat to notify them of your order and wait for your item delivery.
  • How to Top Up Kaleoz Balance?

    1. Choose Bank Account Go to Payment Methods page to find bank account info. 2. Transfer Top-Up Amount Transfer via manual online banking, ATM Transfer or Cash Deposit Machine. Screenshot transfer confirmation page or take a photo of the ATM/Cash Deposit Machine receipt. 3. Contact Kaleoz Support Contact our Kaleoz Support via Kchat to inform us about your bank transfer. 4. Account Top-up Kaleoz support will then top up your KALEOZ account based on your bank transfer confirmation screenshot or ATM/Cash Deposit receipt.
  • The seller is uncontactable or not delivering within the stipulated delivery time. What can I do?

    Contact the seller for initiate delivery or refund. You are adviced to remind the seller by chatting with them on KChat to initiate delivery. However, if the seller fails to deliver a paid order to the buyer in 3 days, the order will be automatically canceled and funds will be returned to the buyer’s account. Alternatively, if the seller is unable to fulfill the order, the buyer may request the seller to cancel the order immediately. Manual Request Refund If the seller does not deliver a paid order within 1 hour, the buyer can apply for a refund. However, the order will not be refunded immediately, because the request must be approved by the seller. Within 6 hours after requesting a refund, the seller can choose to deliver the order immediately or agree to refund. If there is no response from the seller after 6 hours, the order will be automatically refunded by system. Kindly note that system only provide this refund offer to each order for ONE TIME only.
  • I did not receive my paid order, however, the order details showed the order delivered by the seller.

    You may try to contact the seller using KChat for clarification by clicking "Chat With Seller". In the event of no responses from the seller, please click "Request Refund" on the delivery confirmation immediately to notify us to investigate the matter. Please take note the buyers have 72 hours to click the option and the order will be deemed as successfully delivered if the buyers fail to do so within the stipulated time frame.
  • What if the seller confirmed the delivery without giving anything? Can I further escalate the cancellation request?

    If you encounter this issue, kindly report to us immediately by contact our Kaleoz Support via Kchat or emailing our support at [email protected] for further assistance. Contact Us Next, you should click “Request Refund” in order to get this order canceled since the seller did not deliver your item. You may escalate this dispute to Kaleoz support team for investigation if the seller refuses to refund the order.
  • What happens if I have not received my order? Can I ask for a refund?

    The seller must deliver the product within 3 days. You may remind the seller by chatting with them on KChat to initiate delivery. However, if the seller fails to deliver a paid order to the buyer in 3 days, the order will be automatically canceled and funds will be returned to the buyer’s account. Alternatively, if the seller still unable to contact or deliver the order after 1 hour. Buyer can request refund on the paid order. Once buyer requested refund, seller will have 6 hours to deliver the order or agree refund the order to buyer.Check your paid order by clicking the order number or Order details. Click Request Refund option. After requested refund, system will refund the order if seller didn't take action in 6 hours.
  • Under what kind of circumstances can I request a refund for my payment?

    In cases where your order is canceled due to the seller failing to fulfill an order, you may consider finding another seller that might be selling the same desired item. Alternatively, you may request to transfer of your balances to SEAGM.com. Converted SEAGM Credits can be used to purchase digital game cards on the site. Otherwise, you may request for a refund of your payment under these conditions if your order was canceled: Found no other seller offering the same item. Other sellers offer are selling at a higher-than-expected price. If you encounter any of the above and wish to get your payment refunded, kindly contact our Kaleoz support for assistance on this matter. Contact us
  • Where is my fund after successfully canceling an order?

    Once the order is successfully canceled, your funds will be returned to your KALEOZ account balance. Kindly refer to this guide (How to buy on KALEOZ) on how you may use the KALEOZ balance to place a new order with another seller for the same product/service(s).
  • How to identify a good seller?

    The rating for sellers is shown on the product page. The seller’s level is indicated by the number of hearts, diamonds or crown below the seller’s name. Please refer to the image below to further understand a seller’s tier. A seller’s rating is determined by the number of completed transactions. However, some sellers with lower ratings might just be a new user. If they happen to offer an item with desirable pricing, you may consider purchasing from them. Despite a lower seller rating, users can still shop on KALEOZ safely as we offer complete protection from possible frauds or scams.
  • How to rate a seller?

    After the delivery is completed, buyers may rate the quality of service provided by the seller.
  • What payment method does KALEOZ support?

    KALEOZ supports many types of payment methods. You can take a look at the complete list of supported payment methods HERE. Alternatively, you may find all the payment methods available at the payment page once you check out your order.
  • What should I do after payment?

    After completing your payment, please contact the respective sellers on KChat to proceed with your order. Do note that in some cases the seller might be able to respond to your right away due to various reasons. We advise checking for operating hours of the seller on their product descriptions (if applicable).
  • How do I pay for my order with my Kaleoz balance?

    Buyers can check their top-up balance via the “Control Panel” to ensure the balance is sufficient for the order purchase. After confirming the balance, you may proceed to place the order and click “Add to Cart” then “Check out”. Select “Pay with KALEOZ Balance” and key in your login password to complete the payment.