• How to buy on KALEOZ

    Choose your game Sign in to KALEOZ or register a SEAGM ID on www.seagm.com. Choose the game you wish to browse by going to the BUY page or searching it directly from the search box. Choose your item Use the filter to choose server, price and etc. Next, click the product title to go into the product page. Enter all the required information about your purchase and click “Add to cart”. Complete checkout Check the items in your shopping cart and then click “Checkout” to make payment. Receive Items Contact the seller via KChat to notify them of your payment and wait for your item delivery.
  • How do I contact a seller?

    You may contact the seller for any inquiry (before making the order) and for order delivery (after making the payment) using the KChat. Buyer can refer to the dialogue box to determine whether seller is online or offline status. Additional info : BLUE dialogue box mean online status , GREY dialogue box mean offline status.
  • How to Top Up

    Choose Bank Account Go to Payment Methods page to find bank account info. Transfer Top-Up Amount Transfer via manual online banking, ATM Transfer or Cash Deposit Machine. Screenshot transfer confirmation page or take a photo of the ATM/Cash Deposit Machine receipt. Contact Kaleoz Support Contact our Kaleoz support via Live Chat to inform us about your bank transfer. Account Top-up Kaleoz support will then top up your KALEOZ account based on your bank transfer confirmation screenshot or ATM/Cash Deposit receipt.
  • When should I click "Confirmed received"?

    You are advised to check whether you receive the right thing and amount before you click "Confirmed received". Once confirmed, the order payment will be transferred to the seller's account and it cannot be reversed. Any issues, such as scams, item not delivered or item different from the description will not be under our obligation anymore since the order was completed under your consent via clicking “Confirmed received”.
  • What if the seller confirmed the delivery without giving anything? Can I further escalate the cancellation request?

    If you encounter this issue, kindly report to us immediately by emailing our support at [email protected] or Live Chat us. Contact us Next, you should click “Request Refund” in order to get this order canceled since the seller did not deliver your item. You may escalate this dispute to Kaleoz support team for investigation if the seller refuses to refund the order.