FAQs: Purchasing Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals

Genesis Crystals are the in-game special currency for Genshin Impact. These can be used to purchase “Bundle” and redeem into "Primogems" and players can use them to draw special characters and weapons in "Wish".

1. Why is my Genesis Crystals does not reflect in the account even though the seller delivered the order?

Genesis Crystal is unable to be done between different platforms, therefore players who have registered an account on the PSN terminal cannot see the Genesis Crystal on the PSN device after recharging on the web page. You would need to Cross-Save the account in order to use the Genesis Crystals or convert as Primogems.

2. Why do I need to cross-save the account?

In order to activate the Genesis Crystals purchased from KALEOZ, you would need to cross-save your account in PC or Mobile Version. After that, convert the Genesis Crystals into Primogems on PC or Mobile, after conversion you can spend the Primogems in any of the PSN/PC/Mobile platforms.

3. How do I enable the cross-save function between an account for PSN and a third-party account?

(i) If the miHoYo Account associated with the third-party account is linked to an email: Using an account for PSN that has never logged into Genshin Impact, please enter the game for the first time and follow the instructions that appear on the pop-up window to link the email associated with your miHoYo Account.

(ii) If the miHoYo Account associated with your third-party account is not linked to an email, please log in to Genshin Impact using your third-party account, link an email in Settings > Account > User Center > Link Account, then follow the relevant account linking procedure to link your account for PSN.

(iii) Third-party accounts cannot be linked to an account for PSN that has previously logged in to Genshin Impact.

4. Are Genesis Crystals purchased on iOS/Android/PC and on PlayStation shared between platforms via the cross-save function?

No. After account linking, Genesis Crystals obtained on iOS/Android/PC and Genesis Crystals obtained on PlayStation will not be linked for the same account. Genesis Crystals obtained by top-ups on PlayStation will not be displayed on iOS/Android/PC. When switching platforms, the Genesis Crystals from different platforms will not be displayed. Travelers can use these Genesis Crystals as per usual on the platform on which they were obtained.

5. What type of account can be linked?

In order for the account for PSN and the email address to be linked, either the account for PSN must not have been used to log into Genshin Impact, or the email address must not yet have been used to register a miHoYo Account.

6. After linking my account for PSN, can I top-up Genesis Crystals on iOS/Android/PC for a miHoYo Account registered on PlayStation, or vice versa?

Cross-platform top-up is currently not supported. Top-ups for a miHoYo Account registered on PlayStation can only be carried out on PlayStation or from the Top-Up Center website. Top-ups for a miHoYo Account registered on iOS/Android/PC can only be carried out on iOS/Android/PC or from the Top-Up Center website.

7. What are the benefits of linking accounts?

After account linking, Primogems from the same miHoYo Account will be displayed on iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation and can be used on any of these platforms.

8. Can I unlink my accounts after linking them?

No. Once linked, the account stays linked permanently. Please consider carefully before carrying out account linking.

9. How can I check the linked email address in my account?

After logging in to your Genshin Impact account, you can check your linked email address under Settings > Account > User Center.

10. How can I check my linked account for PSN?

Log in to your Genshin Impact from any platform and view your linked account for PSN in Settings > Account > User Center.

For more detailed information, kindly visit Genshin Impact Official Website for further assistance.