About us

KALEOZ is a trusted global digital marketplace created by gaming professionals with vast experience in online gaming, distribution, technology, security and marketing. As a brainchild of SEA Gamer Mall, KALEOZ strive to provide the best digital platform for global gamers.

What does KALEOZ do?

Our Marketplace offers the easiest way to monetize your efforts in the virtual world. KALEOZ platform provides gamers the highest level of security and convenience to buy and sell their digital assets.

What does KALEOZ means?

KALEOZ was derived from Chinese Fuzhou dialect pronunciation for the word PLAY. Play in Foochow is pronounce as “ka-liu”. With roots from Fuzhou, the founders of KALEOZ aims to become the platform for gamers around the world to enjoy playing games and at the same time monetize their effort.

  • Our Platform

  • Chargeback protection

  • Thousands of games

  • Virtual goods

  • Competitive pricing

  • Easy to use

  • Secured Platform

  • 24x7 LiveChat Support

  • Global and Local Payment