• How to sell on KALEOZ?

    Registering as a seller Go to the “Sell” page. Enter all the information required and submit your seller application. You'll be notified once you're approved as a seller. Listing items Once approved as a seller, go to “My Products” page to list your items for sale. Enter all the required information before publishing your item for sales. Provide as many details as possible in the description to better inform buyers of the trading time, place and method. Manage items Items can be managed on “My Products” page. You can edit the title, keywords, photo, pricing, delivery methods, and descriptions. Manage sales order Manage your sales orders from "My Sales Orders” page. Click “Order Details” for the details of your sales order.
  • How to withdraw?

    Making a funds withdrawal is easy and quick. Watch the video guide below: Select a payment method for fund withdrawals.* After selecting a payment method, you must verify it by clicking on the “Proceed Withdrawal Verification” button. You will be asked to verify yourself, simply follow the instructions on the page. Once the identification has been verified, you will now have access to use this channel of payment for all future withdrawals. *A verified account with documents allows for higher limits. Withdraw Funds Follow the steps on screen to request for funds withdrawal.
  • Can I change my account currency?

    Yes. However, account currency modification cannot be done from user's end. Please reach out to our Kaleoz Support staff via KChat to assist you in this matter. *Please note that if you have already placed an order previously, you are no longer able to change the currency.
  • Can I change my email address and mobile phone number?

    Upon receiving the request from user to change email address/mobile number, there will circumstances where we would need you to confirm or provide relevant information to us before we can proceed. This step to is intended to safeguard your Kaleoz account from potential financial crime, risks and fraud. Here is how to proceed: Step 1: Contact the Kaleoz support staff via KChat. Step 2: To verify the integrity of your information, you will be requested to provide these details to our support staff: Registered name and username: Registered phone number: Registered email address: Last purchased date: Last purchased product: Payment method used: For further identification purposes, the information requested can vary depending on where you live. Our support staff will advice you exactly what needs to be provided. Here's an overview: For a Malaysian customers, please provide photo(s) of either ONE (1) of the documents below and make sure it's original:
  • Why is my Kaleoz account being suspended?

    These are the most common reasons for account suspension: Creating multiple accounts * Each person is only allowed ONE account. Creating more than one will result in suspension of all your accounts. Suspicious Activity * Using VPN, TOR , Game Boosters or proxies when accessing our website. * Using disposible email address during registration. * Using VOIP phone number during registration. Submitting fradulent disputes for delivered orders. Provide offsite and personal offer to other Kaleoz users. Violating terms in User Agreement. If you wish to restore your suspended account, you may email us at [email protected]
  • How to reset password?

    Reset forgotten Password: Step 1: From the sign-in page on kaleoz.com, click Sign in > Click Forget password? Step 2: Enter your email address > Click the checkbox at reCAPTCHA checkout > Click send reset password email Step 3: Check your email inbox > Click the link in the email to complete reset password process. Note: Please check your email JUNK or SPAM folder if you could not find the message in your INBOX. Step 4: Enter your new password > Click Save Note:The password reset links included are time-sensitive and for one-time use only. If you click the link and it doesn't work, try requesting a new one and use the link as soon as you can.
  • How to enable browser notification for KChat?

    Step 1: Login to your Kaleoz account > Click on "KChat" icon & expand chat Step 2: Click on "Setting" icon Step 3: Enable these notifications (the slider will be blue once it's turned on,as shown in picture) & click "Save"
  • Can I convert my Kaleoz balance/income into SEAGM Credits?

    Users have the option to either withdraw their Kaleoz account balance into their bank account OR convert it into SEAGM Credit at no extra fees or charges!*Please note that if you confirm withdraw to SEAGM Credits, the credits cannot be converted nor withdrawn, it will be forever as SEAGM Credits until you spend them all.
  • How do I change my region setting?

    Step 1:Click the flag at the top right corner. Step 2:From the Country/Region menu, select your country or region. Step 3: Click save.
  • How do I edit the information of my account?

    Users are allowed to update their profile data HERE Click “Edit” to modify the details and then “Save” once you’re done.
  • I’ve made my payment via bank transfer but my order is still unpaid.

    Payments made via bank transfers must be processed by KALEOZ’s support staff. In order to proceed with the order. Kindly contact Kaleoz Support to provide screenshot of the payment receipt for payment verification.
  • How to cancel my order after paid?

    To cancel an order after payment, buyers will need to contact the respective seller via KChat to cancel their order. Otherwise, the order will be canceled automatically after 3 days (72 hours).
  • How to verify my phone number?

    Step1: Login your account at SEAGM website. Step2: Select "Edit Profile" and make sure your phone number is valid and correctly entered. Step 3: Click "Send Code" and wait for the verification code message on your phone. Step 4: Enter the verification code and click "Verify".  Step 5: You've completed the phone number verification step.
  • How to unlink my SNS account? (Facebook/Twitter/Google/VK/QQ)

    Step 1: Login to your account at seagm.com and go to "My Profile". Step 2: Click the disconnect icon to unlink your SNS account. Step 3: Re-login to your account at kaleoz.com with registered email address. However, you may contact KALEOZ Support for further assistance.
  • Why is my KALEOZ account is locked?

    These are few reasons why you may not be able to access your account:1. Forgot your login details, it says "Invalid login email or password".You can reset your password to help keep your account secure. 2. Your account is locked due to many failed login attempts. If you can’t remember your password, please contact our KALEOZ Support and we are able to assist you in unlocking your account. Once your account is unlocked, you can reset your password to help keep your account secure. 3. You tried to reset the password, but it says "Account was suspended. Please contact KALEOZ Support if this was a mistake" This is just a temporary suspension of your account, you can ask Kaleoz Support officer to assist you on unsuspend your account. However, KALEOZ reserves the right to suspend or block access to and use of the services for any reason whatsoever and for any length of time.