How to find my Game ID for Bullet Angel?

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M is the official mobile game developed by Xshot. Bullet Angel was originally a PC game that launched in 2009 and is quite popular in South East Asia. From PC to mobile, Bullet Angel is much more than a simple remake. It's a modern, stylish and high-quality FPS game with all the classic weapons, maps and modes. Most players will top up Gems to purchase supply boxes and angel pass to enhance the gaming experience.

Top up your Gems in KALEOZ with the lowest and reasonable price. Players only need to provide the Game ID and Character Name.

Check this out on how to find your Game ID and Character Name:

Step 1. Launch your Bullet Angel mobile game.

Step 2. Click on the avatar located in the top left corner of the main screen.

Step 3. Character Name located right beside the avatar. You may find your Game ID on the middle top.

Step 4. Click on the "Copy" logo behind the Game ID and paste it to the order page.