Payment via Stripe (Credit/Debit Card)

About Stripe

Stripe is a payment gateway that accepts the majority of Credit/Debit cards with a total of 135 currencies. Payments through Stripe are more fast, simple, secure and lower the chance of payment failure without adding operational complexity. In order to protect each transaction, Stripe Payment used best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. 

Currency Supported

All currency that is available in KALEOZ is supported for Credit/Debit Card payment via Stripe.

Processing Fees

Regarding processing fees, kindly check here.

Bank Supported via Stripe

Stripe supported the majority of bank debit/credit cards worldwide. 

What if the card was declined via Stripe during the transaction?

During the transaction, if the error is shown during checkout "Your card does not support this type of purchase", kindly contact card issuer support for further assistance.

Below is the reason for this error:

a) Some debit/credit cards have restrictions on cross-border usage, therefore it's encouraged to contact bank or card issuer support to check for any restrictions that may be in place.

b) Some cards, such as corporate cards or FSA cards, can only be used for certain business categories such as travel or healthcare. Kindly contact bank/ card issuer support for further checking.