Why is my order status "Unpaid" despite deduction from my card?

I have successfully made a payment through the Credit/Debit Card method, but my order status still shows as "unpaid." Why is this happening?

  1. When you make a payment through our system, the corresponding amount is temporarily held on your card for authorization.
  2. If the payment is rejected by our system, resulting in a payment failure, the initially held amount will be released back to your card.
  3. When the payment is successful, the held amount is then transacted, effectively completing the payment for your order.
  4. In some cases, if further verification of your phone number is required or if you did not complete the payment process, the payment may be categorized as an "uncaptured payment." If you encounter this situation, please contact our Kaleoz support after waiting for an hour, and they will assist you in releasing the payment if it was indeed deducted.