Why my KALEOZ account is locked?

You may not be able to access your account due to the following reasons:

1. You forgot your login details or it says "Invalid login email or password" when attempting to login.

You can reset your password to keep your account secure.

2. Your account is locked due to many failed login attempts.

If you can’t remember your password, please contact our KALEOZ Support team for assistance in unlocking your account. Once your account is unlocked, you can reset your password to help keep your account secure.

3. You tried to reset the password, but it says "Account was suspended. Please contact KALEOZ Support if this was a mistake"

This is just a temporary suspension of your account, you can file a request to a KALEOZ Support officer to unsuspend your account. However, KALEOZ reserves the right to suspend or block access to and use of the services for any offenses and for any length of time.