Where is my BLEACH Mobile 3D User ID?

About BLEACH Mobile 3D

BLEACH Mobile 3D is a star-studded 3D MMO action-RPG and the first official BLEACH MMO ever, developed in collaboration with KLabGames! Explore the rich world of humans and explore the other side of reality, a magical realm where the living and dead interact freely. Meet familiar characters from the award-winning BLEACH manga and anime, voiced by their original anime voice actors! Now you can experience all the iconic locations from BLEACH, brought to vivid life by gorgeous 3D anime-style visuals. Top up BLEACH Mobile 3D crystal from trusted and reputable sellers at KALEOZ.com accessible, safe, secure environment and cheapest rates.

How to find User ID in BLEACH Mobile 3D?

Step 1. Launch your BLEACH Mobile 3D .

Step 2. Tap on the User Center from the start game page.

Step 3. Your User ID will be displayed.