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About Palworld

Palworld is a monster-catching, survival and crafting game, but incorporates a variety of mechanics from other genres in order to provide a completely new experience for everyone.

Fight, farm, build and work alongside mysterious creatures called "Pals" in this completely new multiplayer, open world survival and crafting game!

Over 100 Different Pals

Palworld is home to over 100 unique Pals, each equipped with a diverse set of skills to enhance the player's adventure. Along your journey, you will also encounter formidable boss Pals that pose a challenge even for the most seasoned Pal tamers. Naturally, these boss Pals are also capturable.

Engage in Battles and Capture Pals

Palworld seamlessly integrates elements of battle, monster-capturing, training, and base building. Players wield a range of weapons, from classic bows and spears to modern assault rifles and rocket launchers. The process of capturing Pals involves strategically throwing a sphere, with a higher likelihood of success when weakening the target. Captured Pals become powerful allies in combat, each possessing distinct attributes and skills, even among those of the same type.

Base Building with Pals

Players can enjoy the experience of constructing bases alongside their Pals. Within the created base, players can assign Pals to various tasks, automating item collection, production, farming, and even electricity generation. Each Pal works uniquely based on its personality, requiring food and rest. The care provided directly influences the Pal's motivation, playing a pivotal role in base operations.

Open-World Multiplayer

Work together with fellow players for shared adventures in an open-world setting. Multiplayer not only allows for cooperation but also conflict, enabling players to attack one another, steal Pals, and even steal items. Players can engage in Pal battles, pitting their Pals against each other in combat.