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Cheap LUNA: Mobile Diamonds Top Up

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About LUNA: Mobile

Embark on a thrilling story of different races battling for possession of the five-colored flight stone, an object of incredible power!

Experience glamorous skill effects complemented by adorable graphics in a vast open world that offers various unrestricted contents. Take advantage of the highly convenient auto-quest feature, allowing your character to continuously grow stronger!

Choose from hundreds of pets, mounts, and costumes, creating endless combinations to personalize your character.

Craft your unique character by decorating it with hundreds of costume parts. If you're not great at decorating, no worries! Various costume sets with additional options are available for you.

But wait, is it all about just pretty pets and adorable mounts? No more! Experience cuties that directly aid in battle, enhancing your stats. They're not just cute; they're combat-ready too!

Get stronger by playing together! Form a party for increased exp gain and witness immense exp boosts with additional party members. Enjoy double exp when entering a Guild Dungeon and don't forget the Guild Raid, where rare items can be obtained!

Tired of endless grinding? Say no more! Engage in fishing, cooking, herb harvesting, and mining to craft accessories with various options, providing endless ways to become stronger!