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About the Fire and Glory: Blood War

Fire and Glory: Blood War is the newest strategy game that will bring you to ancient and epic times of legendary Sparta. You will fight alongside kings that made history like Leonidas. You will rise your empire, clash against your foes, live or die together with your fellow Spartans.

Game Features

Rise your Empire
Kingdoms in Fire and Glory are the majestic display of true kings' glory, of their wealth and power. Gather all the resources you need and strategically use them to gain the upper hand against your belligerent neighbor's kingdoms. Build over 20 different buildings with 30 levels of power each. Train soldiers of 4 different tiers and equip them with refined weapons and armors imbued with powerful magical gems. Research and develop new technologies that will open your empire to abilities and roads of power never thought possible.

Your soldiers are your brothers and sisters
Carefully train them and equip them as you would do with your own kin because they are the men and women who fight alongside you, who will watch your back, live and die shoulder to shoulder. Unlock ever-growing elite units and make your enemies tremble in fear. The gods will look upon you with favor.

A world to explore
ravel and trade with exotic and incredible nations, speak freely your language and you will be understood by everyone with our automatic AI real-time translator. Engage with bizarre civilization and carve your name in the stones of time. May your fame precede you wherever you go.

A world to conquer
It's time to change history and expand Sparta's borders over the limits of the known world and over. Those civilizations who looked down on you will soon know that a spartan king can become their worst nightmare. Attack empires all over the map, pillage their resources and grow your kingdom even more. Attack the wandering monsters like Dragons, Chimera, Tauren, Naga, Spider, Minotaurs, and more and gain items that you will combine to build stronger weapons and armors.