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  • US$ 26.12 / 1b Alz
  • US$ 1.00 = 38310090.2379 Alz
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  • Trading volume: 196
  • US$ 13.72 / 500m Alz
  • US$ 1.00 = 36484375 Alz
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  • US$ 26.26 / 1b Alz
  • US$ 1.00 = 38122448.9796 Alz
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  • Trading volume: 15
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Alz is the most important currency in Cabal Online GSP that can be used to buy almost everything in-game! You can use Cabal Online GSP Alz to trade with merchants, players or buy various items from NPCs. Buy and sell your Cabal Online GSP Alz easily on Kaleoz.

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About CABAL Online GSP

CABAL Online GSP is a 3rd person 3D role playing game that will put you in a graphically vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action. Designed to let everyone play, CABAL Online runs even on older computers while still maintaining its scintillating action scenes, lifelike environments, ornate decorations, detailed characters, and non-stop fast action. To fully enjoy the in-game content, players are recommended to buy Cabal Online Alz from a list of trustable Cabal Online Alz sellers at with cheapest price.

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  1. Select the amounts of Cabal Online Alz.
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