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Silvel - Albion online
Silvel - Albion online
Server: Albion East
  • US$ 11.48 / 10m Silver
  • US$ 1.00 = 872188.1019 Silver
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About Albion Online

Albion Online is an attractive upcoming MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive. Sandbox Interactive is a company based in Berlin, Germany. The game is a 3D sandbox MMORPG with player freedom being at the center of the game. Albion players will need lots of Albion Online Silver and Gamers will be able to use Albion Online Silver to buy land, build a house, gather resources, craft items which they can use or sell, and engage in Guild vs Guild or open world PVP.

About Albion Online Silver

Silver is the primary currency used in Albion Online MMORPG game. Players can use Albion Online Silver as a virtual currency to purchase in-game items, trade with other players, or progress through the game. Silver, gold, and gems are the three main currencies in the game, but Silver is the most common and essential form of currency. Players can earn Albion Online Silver by completing various tasks like farming, crafting, gathering, or selling goods in the game's marketplace. However, players who need more time to earn Silver can also buy the Silver from our list of reputable sellers here at in a safe, secure environment and at cheap rates.
Albion Online Silver is essential for players to progress through the game. It is used to acquire gears, weapons, food, potions, and other valuable items. Silver is also used to pay for game fees, repair damaged items, upgrade items and maintain resources in the game.

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