Undawn's new season 2 update, Island of Mist, is coming on October 19th! This exciting update will introduce a new map, a new storyline, new game systems, new game content, new arrivals in the mall, and new events.

Undawn, the popular mobile game, is gearing up for an exciting new update called "Island of Mist" for its second season. Set to launch on October 19th after the server maintenance that will take place from 2:30AM-8:30AM PT/5:30AM-11:30AM ET, this update brings a wealth of new content and features for players to explore.

New Map: Aurich Island

The highlight of the Island of Mist update is the introduction of a brand-new map called Aurich Island. Once a thriving tourist destination known for its stunning volcanoes and picturesque landscapes, Aurich Island vanished mysteriously after a meteorite event. To protect civilians and due to volcanic activity, the military imposed a blockade, enveloping the island in an enigmatic mist.


Upon reaching level 90, players will be able to access the all-new Aurich Island map. This intriguing location features a mysterious town, a spine-chilling wastewater plant, and a cryptic research base, all of which hold numerous secrets waiting to be discovered.

New Storyline

In the pursuit of uncovering the source of the catastrophe, the Raven Squad has deciphered fragments of data from the VENUS Laboratory and Hela Military Base. These fragments mention a mysterious island, leading the survivors to embark on a mission to find the source of the mutation and break the deadlock caused by the catastrophe. However, the past on this island is shrouded in layers of mist, making it challenging to discern truth from falsehood.


New Game Systems

The Island of Mist update introduces several new game systems to enhance the gameplay experience for players:

  • Prime Enhancement: After reaching level 90, players can access the Prime Enhancement option in the original enhancement system interface. This system allows players to further enhance their characters' abilities and attributes.
  • Tactical Training System: At level 90, players can delve into the new Tactical Training system through the skill interface. Enhanced tactical skills not only boost a character's attributes but also provide advantages to team members. Different skills benefit different team members, making them invaluable for both player versus player (PVP) and player versus environment (PVE) encounters.
  • Special Mechanoid Collection System: This system, arriving in early November, becomes accessible at level 70. Mechanoids draw energy from solar flares and share their power with players, granting attribute bonuses during battles.

New Game Content

The Island of Mist update brings exciting new game content for players to enjoy:

  • Solo Challenge Strongholds: Players can explore the mysteries and despair of the past on Misty Island by taking on challenges within the "Infested Sewage Treatment Plant" and "Sunken Dolan Town." Decrypting their secrets will offer thrilling rewards.
  • New Weekly Dungeon: The update introduces the "Snowy Hunting Grounds," a fresh weekly dungeon that rotates with Judgment Center, King's Station, and Assault on the Refinery. Players can assemble a team of three or four with a minimum level requirement of 35 to tackle this exciting challenge.
  • New Group PVE Gameplay: In early November, players can brace themselves for the monster siege gameplay. Eliminating all nightmare monsters outside the Redwood Outpost will lead to a joint defense of the central power station. Will you and your team conquer the monsters?


New Arrivals in the Mall

The Island of Mist update also brings new arrivals to the in-game mall:

  • New Lucky Draw: Players can try their luck at the new "Muse Shiroi Romance" outfit and the "Gilded HK416 Finish" skin.
  • New Season BP: Season 3 BP will be available after the update, unlocking rewards such as the "Muse Ten-Mile Promise" and the "Exemplar Task Force" upon reaching the corresponding levels. Players who have unclaimed Season 2 BP rewards are encouraged to collect them as soon as possible.
  • Other New Items: On October 20th, a new round of server-wide group purchases will be available, and the Lucky Farm Gacha will be available on October 22nd.

New Events

To add to the excitement, the Island of Mist update introduces new events for players to participate in:

  • Rory's Music Dreams: Players can collect five types of parts every day to help Rory fulfill his musical dream and earn a series of rewards, including the Classical Record Player and growth materials.
  • Trick or Treat! As Halloween approaches, the Raven Shelter will host a grand costume parade every evening. Players are encouraged to put ontheir best Halloween costumes and participate in the parade for a chance to win exclusive rewards.
  • Aurora's Lucky Star: Players can collect Lucky Star Points by completing daily tasks, participating in events, and exploring the new map. These points can be exchanged for various rewards, including outfits, weapon skins, and more.

Undawn's Island of Mist update promises an immersive and thrilling experience for players. With the introduction of the new Aurich Island map, captivating storyline, and exciting game systems, players will have plenty of content to explore and enjoy. Additionally, the new arrivals in the mall, adjusted event end times, and new events provide additional incentives for players to dive into the game. Get ready to embark on a new adventure and unravel the mysteries of the Island of Mist in Undawn's latest update!

Are you ready for Aurich Island? What would you like to see on the island? Watch out for the new update coming this October 19!

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