ROO Global 10/18 Update: Moonlit Arena and Halloween Fun

ROO Global's latest update brings two exciting features to the game: Moonlit Arena and Halloween events. Here's a quick overview:


Moonlit Arena: Fair Battles Await!

Moonlit Arena is a new gameplay mode offering intense deathmatches. Available from 10/18 to 12/11 on weekends, it includes:

  • Various builds with predetermined stats and equipment.
  • Solo or team matchmaking.
  • Ban & Pick system for strategy.
  • Win by achieving a set number of kills.
  • Rewards like trophies, Moonlit Coins, and exclusive items.

Halloween Events: Spooky Celebrations

ROO Global gets into the Halloween spirit with a range of activities:

  • Login daily for rewards from 10/18 to 10/28.
  • Trick or Treat: Collect Halloween Candies for great rewards.
  • Explore side quests, a Halloween party, and costume purchases.
  • More in-game events like Pet Memorizing and MVP Fever.

New Items and Features

  • Numba Wan Raffle: Join for exclusive prizes.
  • Friends Rallying: Recruit novices and earn rewards.
  • Halloween Sales: Limited-time themed items.
  • Halloween Bundles: Get extra rewards for three days.
  • Fashion Gacha: Draw for stylish outfits.
  • Monthly Pass: Halloween-themed pass with unique privileges.
  • Limited-Time 0.5th Anniversary Packs: Empower your character.
Image via ROO Global

With these additions, ROO Global keeps the adventure exciting. Enjoy fair battles, Halloween festivities, and abundant rewards. For more details about the update and event, kindly refer to here.

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