Marvel Snap explores a classic X-Men story, Days of Future Past. 


Before the invasion of the Sentinel overlord, here's what you can expect from the upcoming update. 


This update will feature a brand new character, the apex mutant-hunter, Nimrod. Apart from that, there will be new cards, featured locations and variants.


The new Series 5 Cards this season that you can unlock on the Collection Level Track and Token Shop are Master Mold, Kitty Pryde and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


The Featured Locations available for you are 


Orchis Forge

Asteroid M


There will also be brand new Variants in this update including Wolverine, Nimrod and Sentinel.



Other Variants coming this month:

Nimrod – Kim Jacinto – Ultimate

Cable – Kael Ngu – Ultimate

Negasonic Teenage Warhead – New

X-Men – Super Rare

Kitty Pryde – Volmi – Super Rare

Master Mold – Dan Hipp – Rare

Domino – Jim Lee – Super Rare

Bishop – Jim Lee – Super Rare

Shadow King – Luca Claretti – Super Rare

Jubilee – Variant – Super Rare

Armor- Variant – Rare

Shadow King – Revealed – Rare

Apocalypse – Variant – Super Rare

Kitty Pryde – Stormbreakers – Rare

Steampunk Bishop

Steampunk Falcon

Steampunk Shocker

Steampunk Cerebro

Steampunk Yellow Jacket

Title: Steam Powered

Title: Fully Leatherclad

Title: The Goggles Do Nothing!

Sentinel Variant & Avatar

Forge Variant & Avatar

Angel Variant & Avatar

Mister Sinister Variant & Avatar

Bishop Variant & Avatar

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