What To Expecto Patronum From The New Hogwarts Legacy Game

Hogwarts Legacy is OUT NOW! It's a game for fans of the Wizarding World and its lore. Critics are raving about this game, giving it an average rating of 8/10. 

Since its launch, it currently has over 489,000 active players on Steam and over 1.28 million viewers on Twitch streams. Moreover, Hogwarts Legacy has had one of Steam's Biggest Early Access launches.

Here's what you need to know about the game



In this game, you have the ability to personalize your character and select your house, with options including Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff (we're big fans of Hufflepuff).


As you progress through the classes at Hogwarts, your magical skills will develop, and you'll become proficient in brewing potions, casting spells, and even taming fantastic beasts. You'll soon have a knack for knowing where to find them. winks


Hogwarts Legacy Potion: There's no morality system in place, so you can choose to play as a virtuous character like Snape or embrace your dark side and play and become an evil character like Voldemort, with a nose of course. But keep in mind that, every action has its equal opposite reaction. So your actions and choices will determine the ending of the game. Kinda like most of the RPGs out there.


You'll have the opportunity to learn some of the most forbidden magic when you arrive at Hogwarts. However, keep in mind that as an Open-World RPG, there will likely be consequences for your actions.



Hogwarts Legacy is set 1800s years before the events of Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter. This means you will meet the ancestors of some of your favourite Wizarding World characters but they do not correlate with any Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter lore. So, if you're worried you'll get spoiled, you won't. 


Similar Games 

If you're into God of War, Horizon games - Zero Dawn & Forbidden West, Skyrim, Elden Ring, etc. Then Hogwarts Legacy is definitely one game that might catch your attention.

You get to customize your character and choose your house, whether it’s GryffindorSlytherinRavenclaw or Hufflepuff (we’re low-key Hufflepuff).

Step-by-step with the classes you take at Hogwarts, you’ll grow your magical abilities as well as growing your abilities to brew potions, master spells and even tame some of your favourite fantastic beasts, and you’ll probably know where to find them once you get the hang of things. *winks*

There’s also no morality system, so you can either be as holy and great as Snape or as evil and gangsta like Voldemort… with a nose of course. In fact, you’ll be able to learn some of the most forbidden magic when you arrive at Hogwarts. (but since it’s an Open-World RPG, we think you’ll have to deal with some of the consequences along the way.


Why Should You Get It?

Apart from joining in just for the hype, Hogwarts Legacy is meant for gamers who enjoy a good story and good RPG mechanics. Plus points if you're a fan of the Wizarding World lore.


Price On Steam




USD $59.99

Hong Kong

HK$ 388.00






Rp 749000


What's your favourite spell from the Wizarding World? Ours is probably Avada Kedavra

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