EA Shuts Down Apex Legends Mobile, Battlefield Mobile

As a fan of EA games (well, some) it's time for me to finally say, and hopefully, it'll be the only time but... EA, get yo s#!t together! 


A couple of days ago, Respawn Entertainment announced that they will be shutting down Apex Legends Mobile on 1 May 2023 and stopping the production for Battlefield Mobile. EA acquired Respawn back in 2017. 

Apex Legends Mobile has been receiving a tremendous amount of love through its almost first anniversary but, it was reported that it was a mutual agreement to shut down the game entirely. To make things a little worse is that EA will not be issuing any refund for the players. 


However, we understand there may have been a lot of trial and error but in a way, it was a good game. Since its launch, Apex Legends Mobile has had a list of amendments with extra abilities for existing legends that players enjoy, new game modes, and mobile-exclusive legends like Fade and Rhapsody.


EA is also stopping any development on its planned Battlefield mobile game. Battlefield Mobile was announced a year and a half ago in 2021 and fans of the Battlefield series were somewhat hyped for it, but in recent times, Battlefield didn't have a good track record for their games, especially with Battled 2042.


On Tuesday, EA also announced that it’s delaying Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from March to April. BUT, The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, EA’s upcoming mobile game that's set in the LOTR universe, is set to come out this year. 


No Apex Mobile? No worries, there are still a bunch of great battle arena shooter games to play. From PUBG Mobile to Free Fire to the classic, Call of Duty Mobile.


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