• FAQ for Buyers

    How do I edit the information of my account? Users are allowed to update their profile data HERE Click “Edit” to modify the details and then “Save” once you’re done. How do I pay for my order with my Kaleoz balance? Buyers can check their top-up balance via the “Control Panel” to ensure the balance is sufficient for the order purchase. After confirming the balance, you may proceed to place the order and click “Add to Cart” then “Check out”. Select “Pay with KALEOZ Balance” and key in your login password to complete the payment. How to identify a good seller? The rating for sellers is shown on the product page. The seller’s level is indicated by the number of hearts, diamonds or crown below the seller’s name. Please refer to the image below to further understand a seller’s tier. A seller’s rating is determined by the number of completed transactions. However, some seller with lower rating might just be a new user. If they happen
  • FAQ for Sellers

    How to become a seller on KALEOZ? To become a seller, follow the steps below: Click on "Become a Seller" from the menus Read the seller identity verification carefully as highlighted in red below. All the information provided must be accurate as you are required to provide proof of identity via your legal ID before cashing out any of your earnings. Click on "Submit Seller Verification" and then wait for the KALEOZ support to proceed with your request. Within 24 hours, you will receive a notification regarding your application. Get ready to start selling! How to become a Trusted Seller? Any sellers can achieve Trusted Seller status. As long as you deliver orders on time and accurately, you will earn a good rating from buyers. This rating will then eventually earn you the Trusted Seller status as long as you consistently provide good services. Here is an example of a Trusted Seller. To check seller rating and the associated fees for cashing out, go HERE.
  • MapstoryM FAQ

    How can I sell MapleStory M Mesos and items on KALEOZ? Click user and select "My Product" under "I AM SELLER". Click "Create New item". Key in MapleStory M in the search bar then select MapleStory M. Select "Mesos" or "Items" depending on the product type you are listing. Select the game server where you want to sell your Mesos and items. Create your own product name, fill in the description, amount, price and upload a photo for your product listing. Once the information has been filled up, click "Save and list product" and your product will be available on the marketplace in KALEOZ.
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