What is Steam API Key?

Steam API Key can be used to query transaction quotations, and can reject transaction quotations, but cannot create and accept transaction quotations. Note: Even if an unauthorised user has access to your API key, your inventory items cannot be taken away directly.

How to register Steam API Key and Steam Trade URL?

If you don't have Steam API Key, you may register your Steam API Key.

Note: You will need to spend at least $5.00 USD within the Steam store first, only then will you be able to create the Steam API Key.

  • Step 1. Go to "My Profile" and click "Find my API key of steam".
  • Step 2. Put any appropriate name in the Domain Name Column and click "Register".
  • Step 3. Steam API key creation successful.
  • Step 4. Go to "My Profile" and click "Find my Trade URL of steam".
  • Step 5. Please refer to the Third-Party Sites, you can find the Steam Trade URL there.
  • Step 6. Once you have successfully created the Steam API key and Steam Trade URL, copy and paste to the following column and click on "Save Settings". You have now successfully created your profile settings.
  • You may delete your Steam API Key by clicking on "Revoke My Steam Web API Key". However, you will need to re-register once you have deleted the Steam API key.

    How to set my inventory to public?

    To make Steam inventory public, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Login to your Steam account and click "View my profile".
  • Step 2. Click "Edit Profile".
  • Step 3. Choose "Privacy Settings".
  • Step 4. Set your inventory status to Public and remove the tick nethermost.
  • Is my Steam account able for trading?

    Login to Steam > Click "Help" at the top left side > Choose "Steam Support" > Scroll down the page and click "Trading, Gifting, Market and Steam Points" > Choose "Trading" > Click "I'm unable to trade" and check for the reason you are unable to trade.

    Otherwise you may check from this link:

    Why is my Steam account unable to make any trades?

    You have to fulfill 5 requirement below in order to trade in Steam.

    • Bind your Steam trade URL.
    • Set your inventory as public.
    • Bind and activate your mobile authenticator for 15 days or more.
    • If you have changed your password recently, you need to wait 5 days.
    • If you have unbound your mobile authenticator, you need to wait 15 days.

    How to unbind my Steam account?

    Step 1: Login to your SEAGM account and go to "My Profile".

    Step 2: Click disconnect icon to unbind your Steam account.

    Step 3: Re-login to your KALEOZ account and go to "My Profile".

    Step 4: Click "Disconnect" to unbind your Steam account from KALEOZ.

    Note: please make sure that the items of this account were removed from sales and there is no active orders on this account.

    Is there any risk during trading?

    As all the bots send you, trade offers through steam, you are eligible to check all items to be traded on your own right before accepting the offer. No one will force you to trade items. If you are not satisfied with the proposed offer, you can freely reject it and select any other one.

    Is Steam trading legal?

    Yes. The trading feature uses official Steam systems. This will be a normal trade between Steam users, except that the bot serves as a middleman to facilitate transactions.

    Can I connect another Steam Account?

    You can bind up to 5 steam accounts

    Click HERE for Steam trade FAQ