How to buy items on KALEOZ Steam Market

Four things to do to get ready to buy:

1. Bind your Steam account on KALEOZ.

2. Save your Steam API Key and Trade URL on KALEOZ.

3. Set your Steam inventory as public.

4. Enable Steam Guard for 15 days or more.

How do I start buying?

Step 1. Sign In to KALEOZ Account

Sign in to your KALEOZ account and click on the "KALEOZ Steam Market" at the top left side to go to the Home Page (KALEOZ Steam Market).

Step 2. Search and Select Favourite Items

Click on "View More" on the game you prefer and use the filter provided ("Hot, New, Price") to search for your favorite items. Next, click on the product title to proceed to the product page. You can then chat with the seller or click on "Buy Now" to proceed to the checkout page.

Step 3. Complete Checkout and Wait For Delivery

After payment has been completed, you can click on the order number to contact the seller via Kchat to proceed to your paid order.

How to receive my item on KALEOZ Steam?

Step 1. Waiting Seller to Send Offer

You can check the order status at "My Orders". The seller has 12 hours of duration to send the offer. Otherwise, the order will be refunded automatically.

Step 2. Seller Offers Trade to You

When your order status is under ''Delivered'', it means the seller has sent the offer to you. You have 24 hours to accept the trade. Otherwise, the order will be refunded automatically.

Step 3. Trade with seller

Login to your Steam account and respond to the offer. You need to check whether the item matches with the order description before you accept the trade.

Note: You can also refer to the video below for more efficient and effective guide.

Important notice:

1. If you click on "change offer" while trading with seller, the order will be refunded automatically.

2. After trading CSGO or Dota2 items, the item will have a cooling time of 7-8 days. You will not be able to trade the item again before the cooldown period expires.