Can I change my email address and mobile phone number?

Upon receiving the request from user to change email address/mobile number, there will circumstances where we would need you to confirm or provide relevant information to us before we can proceed. This step to is intended to safeguard your Kaleoz account from potential financial crime, risks and fraud.

Here is how to proceed:

Step 1: Contact the Kaleoz support staff via KChat.

Step 2: To verify the integrity of your information, you will be requested to provide these details to our support staff:

  • Registered name and username:
  • Registered phone number:
  • Registered email address:
  • Last purchased date:
  • Last purchased product:
  • Payment method used:

For further identification purposes, the information requested can vary depending on where you live. Our support staff will advice you exactly what needs to be provided.

Here's an overview:

For a Malaysian customers, please provide photo(s) of either ONE (1) of the documents below and make sure it's original:

  • Your full passport/MyKad
  • Your driving license

If your current address differs from that of your MyKad, you will need to provide ONE (1) of these document that is current (dated within the last three months for utilities) and original:

  • Utility, rates or tax bills
  • Bank, credit card, insurance or share statements
  • Letters issued by government or other public bodies, etc.

For overseas customers, please provide ONE (1) of these documents that is current (dated within the last three months for utilities) and original:

  • Passport or travel document
  • National Identity Card
  • A valid driving license
  • Utility bills