Buyer FAQ

How do I change the information in my account?

Users are allowed to update their profile data in HERE. (

Click “Edit” for modifying the details and then “Save” after completed.

How do I pay my order after top up my Kaleoz balance?
  1. Buyers may check their top up balance in “Control Panel” ( to ensure the balance is sufficient for the order purchase.
  2. After confirmed the balance, you may proceed to place the order and click “Add to Cart” then “Check out” the order.
  3. Select “Pay with KALEOZ Balance” and key in your login password to complete the payment.
How to identify a good seller?

A seller’s rating is shown on the product page. The seller’s level are shown by the number hearts or diamonds or crown below the seller’s name. The number of completed transactions determines the seller’s level. You can refer to here ( for the of seller’s level.

However, if you see another seller that may not have higher level than other competing sellers, but offering a much cheaper pricings, you may consider buying from them instead if the pricings are suited for your likings. You may shop peacefully without worrying as KALEOZ offers complete protection from possible frauds or scams.

What happens if the order is not paid within the given time?

Once the order is created, the buyer must make the relevant payments to the order within 1 hour. Orders which exceeded 1 hour will be expired and reordering must be done.

Please note that any changes of price would not affect the current order price. However, if the order has been expired and the seller has updated a new pricing for his product, the buyer will need to adhere to the price changes for reordering.

I’ve made my payment via bank transfer but my order is still unpaid.

Payments made via bank transfers must be processed by the KALEOZ support directly in order to proceed their order. Kindly contact us on the Live Chat using this direct link here.

(Live Chat link,

What payment methods KALEOZ supports?

KALEOZ supports many types of payment methods. You can check here (

Alternatively, you may find all the payment methods available at the payment page once you check out your order.

Can I check out multiple orders from different sellers in my Cart all at once?

Yes, you can. The total sum of the price would show up at the end of the order step.

What should I do after payment?

After completing your payment, you may contact the respective sellers on Kchat to initiate your order. Do note that the seller might not be able to respond to you right away due to ongoing orders on his side, or he simply is not available at the time. Check for any uptime and downtime of the supplier on the product’s descriptions (if applicable).

What happens if I have not receive my order? Can I ask for a refund?

Seller must delivery within 3 days. You may remind the seller by chatting with him on Kchat to initiate delivery.

However, if the seller fails to deliver a paid order to the buyer in 3 days, the order will be automatically cancelled and funds will be returned to the buyer’s account.

Alternatively, if the seller is unable to fulfill the order, the buyer may request the seller to cancel the order immediately.

How do I contact seller?

You may contact the seller for enquiry (before making the order) and for order elivery (after making payment) using the Kchat.

How can I check my order status?

Order statuses can be found in here (

How to cancel my order after paid?

To cancel the order after payment, buyers will need to contact the respective seller on Kchat for order cancellation or else the order will be cancelled automatically after 3 days/72 hours.

Where is my funds after getting the order cancelled successfully?

Once your order is cancelled, your funds will be returned to your Kaleoz account balance. Kindly refer to HERE ( and you may use the balance to place a new order with other seller for the same products/services.

What can I do if the products or services delivered is different from the description?

You are advised to communicate with the seller via Kchat and request the seller to deliver the item as described. Do not click “Confirmed received” before you receive the right thing from the seller.

What if seller confirmed the delivery without giving anything? Can I further escalate the cancellation request?

If you encounter this issue, kindly report to us immediately via support email [email protected] or Live Chat us.

(Live Chat link,

Meanwhile, you should click “Request Refund” in order to get this order cancelled since you did not receive anything from the seller.

You may escalate this dispute to Kaleoz support team for investigation if the seller refuse to refund the order.

How to rate a seller?

After the delivery is completed, buyers may rate the service quality provided by the seller.

When should I click "Confirmed received"?

You are advised to check on whether you receive the right thing and amount before you click "Confirmed received". Once confirmed, the order payment will be transferred to the seller's account and it cannot be reversed.

Any issues, such as scams, item not delivered or item different from description, will not be under our obligation as the order was completed under your consent.

Under what kind of circumstances you can request a refund for your payment?

In the case where your order is cancelled due to the seller is unable to fulfill the order, you may check for other sellers who might be selling the same item.

Alternatively, you may request to transfer your balances to so that you can make a digital game card purchase.

However, you may request refund for your payment under a few conditions below if your order is cancelled.

  1. Found no other seller offering the same item.
  2. Other sellers offer a higher price than you expected to be.

If you encounter any of the above and wish to get your payment refunded, kindly contact us via Live Chat for assistance on this matter.

(Live Chat link,